Economic Reform

Sunday, February 19, 2017 first Blog entry

Over the past few decades income and wealth inequality have begun to show it's ugly side and I believe the cause of all the social and political unrest that is rearing it's ugly head. In my view this is ultimately due to our our debt based monetary and financial systems in the western world.

The Federal Reserve system was created in 1913 by Pres. Woodrow Wilson along with legislating a national income tax which many still view as unconstitutional. The Federal Reserve is not actually a federal institution. It was created because before 1913 many banks became insolvent due to lack of regulation, poor management and greed. Many people were losing everything due to runs on banks. So to correct this the banks essentially created a banking cartel that would loan each other short term loans at discounted rates in an effort to stop banks from collapsing. We call this Cartel the Federal Reserve. It is owned and operated by the nations largest banks not the Federal Government of the USA.

Nobody wants to talk about this. We were never taught it in school. Why? Well when you actually understand how it works it turns out to be a gigantic Ponzi scheme that is really a form of slavery being perpetrated on our citizens by BIG BANKS.

 But  Mike Maloney has produced a number of excellent videos on this topic that I have embedded into this site. Thanks Mike! These videos are well done and really worth the time to watch them, please do.

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